Electric Power measurement vs electrical energy measurement-Difference between electric power measurement and electrical energy measurement

This page compares electric power measurement vs electrical energy measurement and mentions difference between electric power measurement and electrical energy measurement.

Electric Power measurement

electric power measurement

Power dissipation of DC circuit is expressed as follows.
➨ P = V*I, P = V2/R, P = I2*R
V = Potential Difference in volts (rms)
I = Current in Amperes

Power dissipation of AC circuit is expressed as follows.
➨ Average Power, P = V*I*cos(φ)
cos(φ) = Power Factor
φ = angle between voltage(rms) and current (rms)
Following section mentions how to do electric power measurement as described in the above equations.

Electric power is proportional to energy consumption per unit of time.
➨Power = Energy/Time
In other words, 1 Watt = 1 Joule/Sec.

Electric Power measurement is done using watt meter or power meter or power analyzer or digital oscilloscope or using voltmeter/Ammeter.

Electrical Energy measurement

electrical energy measurement equations

Energy can be expressed as shown in the above equations. From the equations it is imperative that
➨Energy = Power x Time

For example, We use 20Watt bulb for 1 Hour i.e. 3600 sec,
Total Energy consumption will be 20 x 3600 = 72000 Joules.

Electrical energy measurement is dependent on electric power measured in watts. It can be done using energy meter or smart electricity meters.

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