MIMO Channel Emulator

This page of equipments section of Test and Measurement World covers MIMO Channel Emulator. It mentions features and specifications of MIMO Channel Emulator used for WiFi and LTE testing from Azimuth Systems.

MIMO refers to Multiple Input Multiple Output. It is a technique in which multiple antennas are used for simultaneous transmission and reception and hence high data rate can be achieved. Unique and different data symbols are mapped to each of the antennas. Channel refers to the path through which electromagnetic waves travel between source antenna and destination antenna. The emulator equipment is combination of both hardware and software. The emulator which simulates realtime MIMO channel effects is referred as MIMO channel emulator.

Different wireless standards will have different channel conditions. It depends on following factors:
• number of antennas at transmit and receive end
• mobility requirement (pedestrian or vehicular)
• data rate (low/medium/high)
• RF frequency of operation
• environment (indoor or outdoor)
• Multi-Carrier modulation types such as OFDM, OFDMA
Azimuth systems have developed MIMO Channel Emulator for vivid requirements.

Features of MIMO Channel Emulator

Following are the silent features of MIMO Channel Emulator:
• Support testing requirement of 2G, 3G and 4G wireless protocols/standards.
• Support both SISO and MIMO testing
• Useful for WiFi, LTE and LTE-Advanced compliant device testing

Technical Specifications of MIMO channel Emulator for LTE

Following table mentions technical specifications of MIMO Channel Emulator Model ACE MX2 developed for LTE testing.

Specifications LTE MIMO Channel
Emulator support
RF Frequency 450 to 2700 MHz
Bandwidth 50 MHz
RF Input Range +15 to -40 dBm
No. of Channels Supports 4 to 64 channels (scalable)
Channel model Supports ITU and 3GPP channel models
Max. Doppler Shift 2 KHz (>500 Km/Hr @ 3.6 GHz)
Antenna test configurations SISO, SIMO, MISO, MIMO
AWGN -30 to +35 dB of SNR can be set
Programmable propagation delay available from 0 to 1 msec

Benefits of using MIMO Channel Emulator from Azimuth Systems Inc.

Following are the benefits of using MIMO Channel Emulator from Azimuth Systems:
• Easy to use
• Easy to upgrade to new and changed standard specifications
• Multiple protocol testing in single equipment.
• Unmatched performance with residual EVM of <-40dB typically with 10 MHz OFDM signal bandwidth.
• User configurable interface to set different conditions while testing.

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