What is Waveguide mixer? | Anritsu Waveguide mixer MA2808A

This Test and Measurement World page mentions applications of waveguide mixer MA2808A. It describes generic specifications of waveguide mixer MA2806A and waveguide mixer MA2808A.

Waveguide mixer operates similar to the normal RF mixer, but it is designed to connect with waveguide components and used in millimeter range. It mixes the two input frequencies and produces sum and difference of these two inputs at the third output. Based on requirement, required output frequency is selected and rest are filtered out using appropriate RF filter.

Anrisu corporation has developed waveguide mixer to support testing of millimeter wave wireless devices. It is ideal for applications in wireless backhaul, WLAN 11ad (WiGig) and radar operating in 77 to 79GHz bands. Anritsu spectrum analyzer MS2830A can be used along with waveguide mixer for testing and troubleshooting millimeter wave solutions. The figure depicts waveguide mixer model MA2808A.

Specifications of Waveguide mixer MA2806A and MA2808A

MA2808A Waveguide Mixer

Following table mentions technical specifications of waveguide mixers developed by Anritsu with model numbers MA2806A and MA2808A.

Specification MA2806A support
RF Frequency 50 GHz to 75 GHz (60GHz to 90GHz for model: MA2808A)
IF Frequency 1.875 GHz
LO Frequency 5 GHz to 10 GHz
LO amplitude >10 dBm
Multiplier value 8 (12 for model: M2808A)
Conversion loss <15dB
P1dB > 0 dBm
LO leakage <-30dBm
Input level (max.) 10 dBm

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