Surge Generator basics | Surge Generator Vendors

This page describes Surge Generator basics. It mentions general specifications of Surge Generator. It also mentions Surge Generator vendors or manufacturers.

The Surge generator equipment is used to simulate high energy interference pulses either voltage or current. They are used to perform EMC tests as per IEC 61000-4-5 as well as IEC60.

The figure-1 depicts the surge generator developed by Schloder, GmbH.

Surge Generator

Surge Generator Specifications

Following are the specifications of Surge Generator manufactured by Schloder:
• Produces surge voltage with pulse shape 1.2/50 µS and amplitude of 0.2 to 4.4 Volts.
• Produces surge current with pulse shape 8/20 µS and amplitude of 0.1 to 2.2 KA.
• Built-in memory will provide upto 25 adjustments.
• surge generator can be operated using remote personal computer via RS232 interface.

Surge Generator Manufacturers or Vendors

Following are the Manufacturers or vendors of Surge Generator:
•  Teseq , AG
•  Advanced Test Equipment Corp, CA
•  Scientific India
•  EM TEST, France

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