Near Field Probe Set basics,applications,Vendors

This page describes Near Field Probe Set basics. It mentions applications of Near Field Probe. It also mentions Near Field Probe vendors or manufacturers.

Near field probe is used for magnetic field measurement as well as electric field measurement. Based on this fact, there are two main types of near field probe viz. H-probe and E-probe.

All the probes are usually coated with insulation layer. Hence they are used for safe measurement near main lines and of oscillator devices. The figure depicts complete set of near field probes manufactured by Aaronia AG, Germany.

near field probe set

The RF near field probe set can be easily interfaced with spectrum analyzer or oscilloscope using suitable adapter as required.

Near Field Probe Applications

Following are the applications of Near field probe devices.
• Used to locate interference sources
• Used to estimate interference field strength
• Used to verify effectiveness of shielding
• Used to verify effectiveness of filters in the design
• Used to identify faulty and leaky components
• Used to detect circuits which are more sensitive to the radio interference

Near Field Probe Manufacturers or Vendors

Following are the Manufacturers or vendors of Near Field Probe:
•  Tektronix manufactures near field probe kit
•  ETS-Lindgren (E & H near field probe set)
•  Beehive Electronics
•  Keysight Technologies
•  Rohde & Schwarz
•  Aaronia

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