LAN Test Equipment | Network Auto Tester,Fluke Networks

This page of equipments section of Test and Measurement World covers LAN Test Equipment used as network auto tester. The LinkRunner AT (LRAT-2000) from Fluke Networks is used for network troubleshooting. This page mentions features of LRAT-2000 from fluke networks.

Following are the features of network auto tester from Fluke Networks:
• Cable length measurement
• Cable fault location and type of fault
• Ethernet speed measurement for different LAN
• Optical fiber testing
• Connectivity tests for DHCP, DNS, Gateway
• Ping and TCP port related connectivity tests
• Power Over Ethernet Tests
• Copper and Twisted Pair connectivity tests

Specifications of LRAT-2000 from Fluke Corporation

Following table mentions features of LRAT-2000 network auto tester.

Specifications LRAT-2000 Support
Copper Medium Access RJ45, 10Base-T, 10Base-Tx, 1000Base-T, PoE supported
Fiber Medium Access SFP port (100Base-Fx, 1000Base-Lx/Sx/Zx)
Tone generator Supports digital tone(500KHz) and analog tones (400 Hz, 1KHz)
Indicators LEDs are used to indicate link and Rx/Tx indications
Host interface port USB 5 pin (min-B)
LinkRunner Software Works on all windows-Vista,XP,7,8 versions
IPV6 support It is available in LRAT-2000 version

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