Optical Wavelength Meter

This page of equipments section of Test and Measurement World covers Yokogawa Optical Wavelength Meter.It mentions features of AQ6150 Optical Wavelength Meter from Yokogawa. Other vendors of Optical Wavelength Meter are also mentioned.

Optical radiation: The EM radiation which falls between 100 nm to 1 mm is referred as optical radiation. Within this range, 400nm to 800nm band is visible to the naked human eye.

The device which measures wavelength of optical signal with extreme accuracy is known as Optical Wavelength meter. Yokogawa optical wavelength meter measures with picometer and sub picometer accuracy with the help of peak value of optical signal.

Features of Yokogawa AQ6150 Optical Wavelength Meter

optical wavelength meter

Following table mention silent features of Yokogawa AQ6150 Optical Wavelength Meter.

Specifications AQ6150 Optical Wavelength Meter
Wavelength Range 1270 to 1650 nm
Accuracy of measurement +/-0.7 ppm
Accuracy of power reading +/-0.5dB
Number of wavelengths(max.) 1024
Min./Max. input power -40 dBm/+10 dBm
Return Loss 35 dB
Internal data storage 256 MB
Interface support Ethernet, USA, GPIB, VGA output
Power 100-240 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Time required for measurement 0.3 second or less than this
Optical connector interface FC/PC or SC/PC
Screen Size 5.7 inch (640 dots x 480 dots)

Latest Model AQ6151 supports wavelength accuracy of +/-0.2 ppm which is better than model AQ6150.

Other Vendors of Optical Wavelength Meter

Following are the popular vendors of Optical Wavelength Meter:
• Newport Corporation
• HighFinesse Laser and Electronics Systems, GmbH
• Bristol Instruments, Inc.
• RP Photonics Consulting, GmbH
• Keysight Technologies

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