Optical Spectrum Analyzer

This page of equipments section of Test and Measurement World covers Yokogawa Optical Spectrum Analyzer(OSA). It mentions features of AQ6370 Series Optical Spectrum Analyzer from Yokogawa. Other vendors of Optical Spectrum Analyzer are also mentioned.

The analyzer which analyzes the signal in optical bands is referred as Optical Spectrum Analyzer. It is helpful in the design, development and manufacturing of Lasers, LEDs and other active and passive optical devices used in Biomedical, telecommunication and other domains.

Following are the factors considered for selection of Optical Spectrum Analyzer:
• Wavelength of signal under test
• Wavelength resolution required
• Power of the optical signal (Max. and Min.)
• Fiber test capabilities i.e. single mode, multi-mode etc.
• Level of color analysis desired
• Built-in analysis functions (OSNR, FP-LD, DFB-LD, LED, SMSR etc.)
• Internal Storage for data files

Features of AQ6370 Series Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA) from Yokogawa

optical spectrum analyzer

Following table mention silent features of AQ6370 series OSA from YOKOGAWA.

Specifications AQ6370 OSA support
Range of Wavelength 350 to 1200 nm
Accuracy of wavelength +/-0.05 nm
Resolution of wavelength 0.02 to 10nm, 0.01 nm
Max. input power 20dBm
Sensitivity of optical signal level -80dBm
Dynamic Range >= 60 dB
Internal Storage capacity 512 MB to save 20K data files
Interface types supported RS232, GPIB, Ethernet

Other Vendors of Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Following are the popular vendors of Optical Spectrum Analyzer:
• Anritsu Corporation(MS9740A OSA)
• Yenista Optics(OSA20)
• Finisar(WaveAnalyzer 1500S)
• APEX Technologies

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