Lux meter basics | Lux meter vendors

This page covers Lux meter basics.It mentions features of Lux meter from reputed vendor. Other vendors of Lux meter are also mentioned.

The Lux is SI unit of illuminance. It is also used to measure luminous emittance. It measures luminous flux per unit of area. Lux meter is used to measure it.
1 lux equals 1 lumen/meter2

Features of Lux meter

Following table mention silent features of Lux meter model-930 from Meco Instruments. The lux meters are very light in weight, portable and very accurate. They support wide range of luminance measurement. It supports longer battery life and are very much user friendly with more features.

Lux meter
Specifications Lux meter Model:950
Range 100 to 99999 RPM or
1.7 to 1666 RPS
Resolution 0.1 RPM or 01 RPS
Accuracy +/-0.02 % of reading + 1 digit

MECO LUx meters are used to measure luminance as well as intensity of light. The products are available to support range upto 200,000 lux or 20,000 fc with special functions.

Other Lux meter Vendors

Following are the popular Lux meter vendors:
• PCE Instruments
• , Light Meter
• Testo® India, pocket size lux meter
• Mextech Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
• Extech Instruments - Light Meters
• MECO Instruments

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