What is Densitometer?

This page covers Densitometer basics.It mentions features of densitometer from reputed vendors/manufacturers. Other vendors of densitometer are also mentioned.

Definition: The device which measures degrees of thickness or density of material is known as densitometer. The material can be semitransparent, transparent or reflecting surface.

It consists of light source and photo-electric cell. It determines optical density of sample material placed between these two elements. Based on material or surface there are two types of densitometer viz. transmission densitometer and reflection densitometer.

The transmission densitometer measures density of transparent meterial. The reflection densitometer measures density based on reflected light from the surface.

Densitometer is widely used in photography applications to measure photo-graphic density of image printed on film or print. It is also used to calibrate printers and other printing equipments. It is used to measure saturation of particular color in the image.

Features of Densitometer


Following table mention silent features of Densitometer model 07-443 from Fluke Corporation.

Specifications Densitometer
Range of density with accuracy supports 0 to 4 density with accuracy of +/-0.02D
measurement length 5.3 inches
Aperture size 1mm and 2mm
display 3 digit

Other Densitometer Vendors

Following are the popular Densitometer :
•  X-Rite 301 used to measure film density
•  info@heimann-hamm.de
•  https://www.colorlite.de/
•  https://rudolphresearch.com/

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