Video borescope basics

This page describes Video Borescope basics. It mentions FLIR VS70 Video borescope features. It also mentions benefits of FLIR VS70 Video borescope equipment.

Definition: The equipment used to capture images and video of places where space is limited by inserting very narrow camera probe is known as borescope. It is also referred as video borescope.

Few of the applications of the Video Borescope are as follows:
• building inspection and maintenance
• aircraft and marine inspection and maintenance
• HVAC repair
• vehicle service

FLIR VS70 Video Borescope

The figure is derived from FLIR website. It depicts FLIR video borescope model VS70.

FLIR VS70 Video borescope features

Following are the features of FLIR VS70 video borescope:
• 5.7 inch Display with 640x480px size.
• 30FPS frame rate with NTSC/PAL support
• About 3.9 to 28mm diameter range of camera
• 0.3 to 30 meters length of coverage supported by camera.
• Battery can be used upto 6-8 Hrs.

FLIR VS70 Video borescope Benefits

Following are the benefits/advantages of FLIR VS70 Video Borescope:
• It is rugged as well as durable i.e. it has waterproof display and battery can be used throughout the day without charging.
• It can be customizable i.e. one system with extensible user configurations such as camera, accessories etc.
• Easily transfer images/videos to laptop/PC using USB port or SD card.

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