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Solar Power Meter basics | Solar Power Meter Vendors

This page describes Solar Power Meter basics. It mentions general specifications of Solar Power Meter. It also mentions Solar Power Meter vendors or manufacturers.

Definition: The meter used for measurement of solar power is known as solar power meter. The figure-1 below depicts the same from Kusam Electrical Industries Ltd.

solar power meter

Solar Power Meter Specifications

Following are the specifications of Solar Power Meter:
• Solar power measurement with orientation and tilt angles.
• 4 Digit triple display
• Auto Range
• Auto Power Off with disable functionality
• LCD backlight display
• MAX/MIN/AVG, Data Hold functions
• Low Battery indication
• Zero adjustment
• Over Range Indication

Solar Power Meter Manufacturers or Vendors

Following are the Manufacturers or vendors of Solar Power Meter:
• Amprobe
• Meco Instruments
• Tenmars Electronics CO., LTD
• SMA Solar Technology AG
• Electronic Design to Market, Inc.
•  OAI Instruments

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