LED Test Equipments, Luminaire Test Equipments, Manufacturers

This page describes LED test equipments and Luminaire test equipments basics including measurements and manufacturers. The LED Luminaire test equipments include LED Integrating Sphere, Goniophotometer, Thermal Resistance Tester, Light Flicker Analyzer, Spectroradiometer and Aging and Life Cycle Tester.

Introduction: As we know LED and Luminaire markets are booming in developing countries such as INDIA. Hence it has become essential to test LEDs and Luminaires before launching them to the consumer market. This helps in conducting various tests at manufacturer end as well as customer end. Manufacturing tests ensure ruggedness and reliability of the hardware. Customer tests ensure safety and cost effectiveness of the product.

Following are the common parameters of LEDs which are supposed to be tested and measured.
• Intensity
• Luminous Flux
• Color
• Spetial radiation
• Pattern

Goniophotometer vs Integrating Sphere

Manufacturers of LED Test Equipments | Luminaire Test Equipments

The equipments used for LED Chip, LED Luminaire and LED array are categorized into following two types.
➨Electrical Test Equipment: It is used to measure current, voltage and power of input and output ports.
➨Photometric Test Equipment: It is used to measure lumen, intensity, temperature, color co-ordinates etc.

LED Test Equipments Or Luminaire Test Equipments Measurements Manufacturers
LED Integrating Sphere All the light from the lamp is captured within the sphere. The light measured by a detector is proportional to the total amount of light emitted by the LED or luminaire under test. It measures luminous flux measurement for LEDs and lamps. • EVERFINE Corporation, China
• Instrument Systems, GmbH
• Ophir Optronics Solutions Ltd, Israel, USA, Japan etc.
Goniophotometer It measures light intensity in many directions. The accuracy of result depends on number of measurement points taken. • EVERFINE Corporation, China
• Lisun Group Limited, Hong Kong, China, Korea, INDIA
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Thermal Resistance Tester It is used for transition thermal resistance measurement. It is used for measurement of LED chip and LED arrays. The equipment works based on forward voltage of the LED. • Lumileds Holding B.V. United States
•  Thermtest Inc., CANADA
Light Flicker Analyzer It is used to measure flicker index, percentage flicker and fundamental frequency. • EVERFINE Corporation, China
• EM TEST, France
Spectroradiometer It is used to measure spectral radiance or irradiance across different spectral ranges. • Apogee Instruments
• EVERFINE Corporation, China
• Instrument Systems, GmbH
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Aging and Life Cycle Tester They are used accelerated aging and lumen maintenance measurements, lifetime evaluation, temperature tests, chromaticity shift measurement etc. • EVERFINE Corporation
• Lisun Group

These LED and Luminaire test equipments are usually costly. Hence SMEs and small manufacturers usually rely on third party testing for LED testing. But if companies possess these equipments with initial investments, it will be a great asset for them and they can become master in their in-house product manufacturing.

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