LED and Luminaire Light Flicker Analyzer working, manufacturers

This page covers light flicker analyzer used for LED and Luminaire flickering tests. It describes LED Light flicker analyzer working and Luminaire Light flicker analyzer manufacturers.

Introduction: Modulation of light output is known as flicker. All the electric light sources which are running on AC power modulate the light output.

Following are the flicker Implications to human beings.
• Neurological problems such as epileptic seizure
• Headaches, distraction, fatigue, eyestrain, blurred vision
• Apparent slowing or stopping of motion
• Reduced visual task performance

LED Light Flicker Analyzer Working

Light Flicker Measurement

Flickering in LEDs and luminaires are caused by driver fault, environment conditions, power supply temperature issue and/or LED loads. The light flicker analyzer equipment helps in detecting flicker and also displays safe limits. It is portable equipment which measures percent flicker, flicker index and fundamental frequency. This helps manufacturers to determine whether LED/Luminaire under development is within safe limits as defined by standards or not.

The instrument consists of high speed photometer head in order to capture high speed waveforms. The detachable computer panel is also available with the analyzer for user operation at comfort. The figure-1 depicts testing of luminaire using light flicker analyzer.

LED Light flicker analyzer manufacturers

Following table mentions manufacturers of LED Light Flicker Analyzer.

Manufacturers Description
EVERFINE Corporation, China Model: LFA-2000, LFA-3000
EM TEST, France Model: DPA 500N, DPA 503N
Yokogawa Model: WT3000 Precision Power Analyzer
Adorama Model: ARRI Flicker Analyzer (9V DC)
UPRtek, taiwan Model: MF250N Flicker meter

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