Chamber used for climatic testing | Climatic Chamber

This page describes Climatic Chamber basics. It mentions features of Climatic Chamber from CM Envirosystems Pvt. Ltd. It also mentions other vendors of climatic chamber.

Definition: The climatic chamber is basically enclosure used to create different environmental conditions in order to test electronic products or components. It is also known as environmental chamber.

Climatic chamber creates various conditions as per user defined settings. It include temperature, himidity, altitude, EM radiation, rain, vacuum, salt spray etc.

Features of Climatic Chamber from CME

climatic chamber

Following are the features of Climatic chamber PAC series from CM Envirosystems Pvt Ltd. This chamber is useful for testing RF and wireless as well as electronic products/equipments under different simulated environmental conditions.
• Temperature Range: Available in different models supporting -70 DegreeC to +180 DegreeC
• Humidity Range: 10% RH to 98% RH
• Suitable for cyclic low, high temperature and humidity tests
• Supports tests needs as per international standards such as ASTM, MIL, IEC, ISO, DIN, JIS etc.

Climatic Chamber vendors

Following table mentions vendors of climatic chamber.
• Environmental & Technical Services Ltd. UK
• ETS Lindgren
• Thermotron Inc.
• Memmert GmbH
• Weiss Technik, UK

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