Bit Error Rate basics | Bit Error Rate Tester

This page covers Bit Error Rate basics and mentions Bit Error Rate Tester from Tektronix. Other vendors of Bit Error Rate testers are also mentioned.

Bit Error Rate is the ratio of number of received erroneous bits to total number of bits transmitted.
BER = Bits in error/Total bits
There are various methods to determine bit error rate. The most robust among them is to determine quality of received bits using eye diagram. This technique is employed by most of the Bit Error Rate Testers.

Tektronix Bit Error Rate Tester

Bit Error Rate Tester

Following are the technical features of Tektronix model BERTScope BSA Series used as Bit Error Rate Tester.
•  Bit Error rate measurements till 28.6 Gb/sec
•  Eye diagram analysis with BER correlation integrated
•  Stressed receiver sensitivity tests
•  Clock recovery jitter tolerance tests
•  Electrical stressed eye tests for various interface types such as PCI, SATA, USB etc.

Other Vendors of Bit Error Rate Testers

Following table mentions vendors of Bit Error Rate Testers.

Vendor or manufacturer Bit Error Rate Tester
Keysight technologies various products available to test BER upto 32 Gb/sec
LUCEO TECHNOLOGIES GmbH BER testers model EPG428 and EED428 are available.
Anritsu corporation BERT MP8931A
EXFO QSFP28 BER pattern generator and pocket BERT

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