Hipot tester and Hipot testing basics

This page describes Hipot testing and Hipot tester basics. It mentions Slaughter Hipot tester used for Hipot testing.

Hipot stands for High Potential. This term is used for specific class of test equipments which are used to test electrical insulation.

As we know continuity tester used to test continuity between two points in electronic/electric circuit. Hipot tester does reverse of continuity testing. It performs discontinuity test. It checks no current flow condition between two points. Hipot tests are used to find crushed or leakage in the insulation.

Unlike continuity test which checks for good conduction, hipot test checks good isolation condition. Hipot test is also known by other names such as dielectric withstanding test.

The equipment used for hipot testing is known as Hipot tester. They are used to verify insulation in appliances, PCBs, cables, wires and wire assemblies, electrical motors, transformers etc. Poor insulation will result into shock to someone. Hence hipot testing is a must to avoid this situation.

Typically high voltage is applied between two conductors separated by dielectric insulation and leakage current flow is measured by hipot tester. There are three types of hipot tests viz. dielectric breakdown test, dielectric withstand test and insulation resistance test. It can be used for AC, DC, AC+DC, AC+DC+IR tests. Figure-1 depicts Hipot tester from Slaughter Company Inc.

Slaughter Hipot tester

Slaughter Hipot tester used for Hipot testing

Slaughter 2900 series Hipot tester has following features. It can be used for dielectric withstand test mode and insulation resistance test mode.
• Used for satefy testing
• Provides automation functionality using PLC control/RS232 interface
• It also has ground continuity test function
• Models: 2955 (supports AC hipot), 2965 (supports AC hipot and DC hipot), 2975 (supports AC hipot, DC hipot and insulation resistance test)

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