Pulse Oximeter IC | Heart Rate Sensor IC for heart rate monitor

This page covers Pulse Oximeter IC or Heart Rate Sensor IC from Maxim used for pulse oximetry and heart rate monitor solution. Pulse Oximeter IC pin diagram and specifications are also mentioned.

Maxim Integrated has developed IC MAX30102 used as pulse oximetry as well as heart rate monitor module. It is used in mobile and fixed wearable devices which are useful as fitness assistance. It is a low power device.

The device includes following in one single package:
• Photo detectors
• LEDs
• Optical elements
• Low Noise Electronics which rejects ambient light

The device MAX30102 operates on 1.8V power supply. LEDs require 5 V supply separately.

MAX 30102 IC used as pulse oximeter IC or Heart rate Sensor

Pulse Oximeter and Heart rate sensor

The figure depicts pin diagram of the MAX30102 IC used as pulse oximeter IC or heart rate sensor. Following table mentions pin diagram description of the device.

Pin Number Pulse Oximeter IC description
1,7,8,14 NC (No connection)
2 SCL ( I2C Clock input )
3 SDA ( I2C Data, bidirectional)
4 Power ground
5 R_DRV (Red LED Driver)
6 IR_DRV (Infrared LED driver)
9 , 10 VLED+, LED power supply
11 VDD, analog power supply
12 GND, analog ground
13 INT', active low interrupt

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