What is Glucometer or Glucosemeter | Glucometer, Glucosemeter

This page of Biomedical equipments section of Test and Measurement World covers Glucometer or Glucose meter. The medical device which measures glucose level in blood is referred as Glucose meter or Glucometer.

Following are the units used for the measurement of blood sugar level or glucose level:
• mmol/l
• mg/dl
• mg%

Following conversion of units are useful:
1 mmol/l is equal to 18 milligram/deciliter
1 mg/dl is equal to 0.055555555555556 millimole / liter

How to check Glucose level in the blood

Glucose test items required

Following step by step guide is useful for beginners to check the glucose level in the blood. This guide is generic and can be applied to any Glucose meter or Glucometer.

Glucose test fig1

Step-1: Following items are needed before starting the test as shown in figure-1.
• Glucose meter (such as Prodigy AutoCode or Accu Chek Active)
• Test Strip to connect with meter
• Lancet Device for lancing or extracting blood sample
• Lancet used for piercing
• Swab for sterilizing fingers

Glucose test fig2

Step-2: After items are available, get things ready before the test. Connect Lancet with lancet device and make it ready for lancing the finger as shown in figure-1 and figure-2. Also connect the test strip with the glucose meter as shown in the figure-3.

Glucose test fig3

Step-3: Wash your hands throughly and specially finger which you will be piercing for the test. Use swab and sterilize the finger further to have better results.

Glucose test fig4

Step-4: Now pierce the finger using lancet device and take the blood sample as shown in figure-4.

Glucose test fig5

Step-5: Wait for few seconds and glucometer displays the results in set unit of measurement.

Step-6: After the test is done, dispose off used lancet and test strip in order to avoid any infection to any other human beings of to the same person who have performed the test.

Recommendation: In order to have satisfactory results better to conduct other alternative methods of glucose measurements such as Urine glucose tests.

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