Digital Pressure Meter Basics

This page of Biomedical equipments section of Test and Measurement World covers digital Pressure Meter. It mentions features of DPM2Plus Pressure Meter from Fluke Corporation. Other vendors of Digital Pressure Meter are also mentioned.

The device which measures pressure and displays the same in digital form is referred as digital pressure meter. It measures positive pressure and negative pressure of medical equipments.

This measurement will help in repair and quality control of medical devices. It is measured either in liquid form or gaseous form.

Features of Digital Pressure Meter from Fluke Corporation

Following are the features of Digital Pressure Meter from Fluke Corporation:
• It is handheld and battery operated.
• It has accuracy of +/- 1%.
• It works with five selectable operating ranges.
• It measures in units of MmHg, cmH2O, PSI, inH2O
• It is useful for both air or liquid measurements

Other Vendors of Digital Pressure Meter

Following are the popular vendors of Digital Pressure Meter:
• OMEGA Engineering
• Ashcroft® (DG25 Digital Pressure Gauge)
• RS Components
• PCE Instruments (Pressure Gauge)

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