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Biomedical Equipments | Biomedical Instruments

This page covers Biomedical equipments or Biomedical Instruments used for biomedical test and measurement. The common Biomedical equipments include pressure meter,glucose meter,oximeter,nebulizer,ultrasound machine,X-ray machine,ECG machine etc. The functions of each of these biomedical instruments or equipments are also mentioned along with popular vendors.

In todays polluted atmosphere, it has become essential to keep the body fit as per requirements. In order to understand our body, regular check-ups and tests have become mandatory for human beings. This day to day health care activities depend heavily on biomedical equipments or medical equipments. To address this demand, Health facilities or hospitals are equipped with medical equipments from small scissors to complex and advanced ECG machines.

Like Blood tests such as suger & pressure, there are tests for each of the human body parts (brain, heart, bone, eye, ear, muscle etc.). The different types of diagnostics such as radiology diagnostics, cardiology diagnostics, neurology diagnostics, eye and other diagnostics, endoscopy & colonoscopy are performed during and before treatment of the patients.

Biomedical instruments

The biomedical instruments are categorized into following types.
• Diagnostic instruments:
• Laboratory instruments:
• Imaging instruments:
• General surgery instruments:
• ENT instruments
• Ophthalmic instruments
• Cardiovascular instruments
• Dental instruments
• Orthopedic instruments
• Rectal instruments
• Gynecology instruments
• Physiotherapy instruments
• Hospital Equipments

Biomedical equipments

Let us understand functions and various Biomedical equipments used for test and measurement of various human body related parameters such as blood sugar, blood pressure, body temperature, Electrocardiogram, Angiography etc.

• Pressure Meter: It is used to measure blood pressure.
➤Normal blood pressure for a human being is more than 120/80 mmHg and less than 140/90 mmHg.

• Glucose meter: It is used to measure blood sugar level. Normal blood sugar levels for most of the healthy human beings are as follows. ➤When fasting, it is between 4.0 to 5.4 mmol/L (i.e. 72 to 99 mg/dL).
➤After 2 hrs. of eating, it should be up to 7.8 mmol/L (i.e. 140 mg/dL)

• Pulse Oximeter: It provides oxygen saturation levels along with heart rate.

• Nubulizer: It is most commonly used for the asthma treatment. It is basically drug delivery device. It can be used to provide medicine to the lungs in the form of mist.

• Ultrasound machine: This test uses high frequency sound waves. It helps in capturing live images of inside of the body. It allows doctors to see through body organs, vessels, tissues before providing medication or before operation.

• ECG machine: It is used to capture electrical activity of the heart over period of time with the help of sensors or electrodes placed on skin.

• X-Ray machine: There are various types of x-ray machines developed for different functions. It is most commonly used to verify any breaks or fractures in the bones. They can easily penetrate skin or tissue.

Popular Biomedical Equipments or Biomedical instruments

Biomedical equipments

Following are the list of popular Biomedical equipments used for various diagnostics as per requirements during treatment of patients.

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