Directional Gyro | Directional Gyroscope

This page covers basics of directional gyroscope known as directional gyro. It mentions how directional gyro works. The vendors of directional gyro are also mentioned.

The equipment directional gyro is used to determine direction of aircraft. This helps pilot in navigation to fly aircraft above the earth safely. It is also known as heading indicator.

Directional Gyroscope

It looks like compass but it does not operate based on magnetic field of the earth. Hence it is more accurate compare to compass. The figure-1 depicts directional gyro.

Following are the uses of directional gyro.
• It shows aircraft heading.
• It uses magnetic compass information.
• Pilot sets magnetic compass heading into the Directional gyro.

How Directional Gyro Works

Directional Gyro Inside

➨The Directional Gyroscope (DG) creates "rigidity in space". This will create stable heading reference.
➨Bearing friction will cause directional gyro to precess.
➨Precession cause heading errors.
➨Adjustment knob-Pilot can reset DG to magnetic compass heading.
➨Pneumatic vacuum pump creates vacuum downstream from DG Gyro. This will pull air past DG gyro vanes which spins the gyro.
➨Pneumatic vacuum pump connected to engine crankshaft will turn it. Consecutively pump creates vacuum.

Vendors of Directional Gyro or Directional Gyroscope

Following are the vendors of directional gyro.
•  Mid-Continent Instrument Co., Inc.
•  Satair Group
•  Sigma Tek

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