Air flow meter | Anemometer

This page of equipments section of Test and Measurement World covers Air flow meter known as Anemometer in Avionics. The Anemometer is used to measure wind speed and air temperature.

The Anemometer functions as indicator which spins in the direction of wind. It provides direct measure of speed of the wind. It is mainly used in HVAC industry to measure air flow of air conditioners.

air flow meter-anemometer

The figure depicts Air flow meter or anemometer model no. 961P from MECO instruments pvt. ltd. Following are the features of the anemometer from MECO.
• Air velocity range: 1 to 25 m/sec.
• Air velocity resolution: 0.1 m/s
• Air temperature range: -10 DegreeC to 50 DegreeC
• air velocity accuracy: +/- (3% rdg +/- 0.2 m/s)
• air RH range: 0 to 100% RH
• Power supply: 9 V DC

The Anemometer has functions to change unit of measurements in m/sec, ft/min, knots, kmph, MPH, CFM etc. It also has special functions such as max./min./hold as well as auto power off.

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