TR-220 Test Set features | Avionics Test & Measurement

This page covers TR-220 test set. It mentions features of TR-220 test set used as ATC DME Test Set. It is manufactured by Tel-Instruments Electronics Corp.

The TR-220 test set is used as multi function test set. It can do testing for TCAS (Traffic and Control Avoidance Systems), DME (Distance Measurement Equipment), ADS-B transmit/receive part as per DO-260A/B requirements and transponder mode A and C.

Following are the silent features TR-220 test set:
• All the transponder tests in mode A,S,C
• TCAS I and TCAS II intruder tests & validation
• Provides DME validation and user customizable solutions
• Provides testing of all DME channels i.e. 108 to 117.95 MHz
• Comes with hand held directional antenna and will cover range of about 10-170 feet.
• RS232 connection with PC

TR-220 test set use for DME tests

The equipment can provide DME testing with user configurable parameters such as channel (108 to 117.95 MHz) and velocity (120 to 1200 KTS).

TR-220 instrument measures as well as displays DME PRF, power, frequency etc. It has capability to transmit Morse code I.D. Following table summarize DME specifications supported by DME test set.

Specifications TR-220 test set support
Transmitter Frequency 962 - 1213 MHz +/- 100 KHz
Transmitter Power >=4 dBm
Receiver Frequency Range Channel Frequency +/- 3.5 MHz
Receiver Frequency Accuracy +/-200 KHz
Receiver Sensitivity Range <= -35 dBm

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