Aviation Equipments and Aviation Instruments for Test and Measurement

This page covers Aviation Equipments and Aviation Instruments used for test and measurement in an aircraft. These Aviation Equipments and Aviation Instruments are used for aircraft landing and aircraft maintenance purposes.

Introduction : As we know air navigation systems are used for military operations and civil aviation. These systems require accurate location, distance and direction of measuring systems and other parameters. Failure of these systems may place human lives at risk.

In order to make these systems function properly it requires continuous monitoring of pressure of different kinds (oil, engine, fuel, vacuum, atmospheric etc.), temperature, speed, direction, altitude etc.

Aviation Instruments

Following are the three categories in which aviation instruments are broadly classified.

Flight Instruments: These instruments are used to control aircraft's flight parameters and maintain it on the track during flight. These flight instruments are as follows.
• Altimeter (it displays aircraft altitude)
• Air speed indicator
• Direction indicator
• Vertical speed indicator (i.e. variometer)
• Artificial horizon, turn coordinator

Engine Instruments: These instruments are designed to measure operating parameters of engine's aircraft. These parameters include quantity, pressure, temperature, engine speed etc. These engine instruments are placed in the center of the cockpit. These engine instruments are as follows.
• Fuel/oil quantity and pressure gauges
• Tachometer (measures rotation speed of shaft or disk in units of RPM )
• Temperature gauges

Navigation Instruments: These instruments provide information to the pilot to keep it along a definite course. The aircraft uses compasses of various kinds for this purpose. These navigation instruments are as follows
• Clock
• Magnetic compass
• Air speed and wind indicators
• Aircraft location indicator using GPS satellites

Aviation Equipments

Aviation equipments

Following are the common aviation equipments used for various types of testing in aircraft based systems on the ground as well as on the flight.

• VNA (Vector Network Analyzer): It is used by airplane companies for cable verification during and after installation. It is usually battery operated and portable equipment. It can be carried near to antenna or air traffic control sites for various measurements. It can be used as power meter as well as spectrum analyzer.

• Cable and Antenna Analyzer: It can be used for cable and antenna testing as well as other aviation system components.

• Spectrum Analyzer: It can be used for interference monitoring, multi-carrier testing, network monitoring etc. It displays frequency on x-axis and power on y-axis.

• Modulation Analyzer: There are specific modulation analyzers available to test radio system components as per various radio standards viz. TETRA, DMR, APCO, P25 etc.

Benefits or Advantages of Aviation Equipments in Test and Measurement

Following are the benefits or Advantages of Aviation Equipments in Test and Measurement.
➤Innovative test and measurement aviation equipments and aviation instruments will help to identify and fix problems at the early stage. This avoids any unusual circumstances or failures of the system. Hence it reduces risks of the failure.
➤It reduces cost to the maintenance of the aircraft systems and ground support equipments.
➤It ensures safety and efficiency of aircraft maintenance, air traffic management and air traffic control infrastructures.

Other Best Aviation Instruments

Following are some of the best aviation instruments used in the aircraft. It includes trasmissometer, avionics test set, anemometer, altimeter, directional Gyro etc.

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