Electronic Control Unit (ECU) Diagnostics used as Vehicle Analyzer

This page of equipments section of Test and Measurement World covers vehicle analyzer. It mentions features of KTS series ECU Diagnostic Unit from BOSCH. All the models of KTS series are mentioned.

The ECU Diagnostics scanner is used as test equipment for following
• Vehicle diagnostics
• Wheel Service
• Emission and A/C Service

KTS 570 Control Unit Diagnostic Scanner from BOSCH

Following are the features of KTS 570 from BOSCH :
• 2 channel oscilloscope/multimeter
• Connection: Bluetooth wireless, USB, OBD diagnostics cable
• Coverage range: 100 m (bluetooth class-1)
• Easy connection with vehicles
• Software controlled from laptop or PC

The other equipment FSA 450 works as multipurpose solution for the measurements of the vehicle. It is used as 4 channel oscilloscope, ignition analyzer, engine analyzer and as multimeter with digital & graphical display.

Following table describes other KTS-series equipments from BOSCH.

KTS Model Description
KTS-890 mobile test system for vehicle analysis
KTS-870 wireless solution with first class technology (DCU 130, KTS-570)
KTS-840 complete wireless solution with measuring technology (DCU-130, KTS-540)
KTS-570 Wireless solution as described above
KTS-540 Wireless add-on for BEA, FSA
KTS-515 On-board diagnostics (entry level access)
KTS-340 Complete vehicle diagnostics (mobile solution)
KTS-200 Mobile ECU diagnosis (entry level access)

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