Ultrasonic Leak Detector-Air Leak detection using Ultrasonic

This page covers Ultrasonic Leak Detector. It is used to detect leakage of air using Ultrasonic waves. The page mentions basic block diagram of Ultrasonic Leak Detector. The page mentions manufacturers/vendors of Ultrasonic Leak Detector.

We are aware that home appliances such as refrigerators and microwave ovens are airtight. In refrigerator, it is ensured not to have any leakage of cold air by using tight sealing. In Microwave Oven, it is ensured not to have any leakage of microwave radiation by using tight sealing. The same situation occurs in cars or vehicles which are air conditioned. Often defective seals can lead to leakage of air in cars/vehicles.

Ultrasonic Leak Detector

The Ultrasonic Leak Detector detects any leakage of air in the cars or any other closed structures. It works on the principle of ultrasonic waves. The figure depicts simple transmitter and receiver block diagram of Ultrasonic Leak detector.

The transmitter part is placed inside the enclosure whose possible leaks need to be tested. The Receiver part is placed outside of the enclosure. The receiver part is moved around the closed structure in order to detect any leakage.

The Ultrasonic leak detector as shown produces audible sound in case of leakage. It does not produce any sound in the absense of leakage.

Ultrasonic Leak Detector manufacturers or vendors

Following are the manufacturers or vendors of Ultrasonic Leak Detectors.
• Amprobe
• UE Systems
• SONOTEC Ultrasonic solutions, GmbH
• Grainger, Inc.

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