Tilt sensor | Tilt sensing equipment or instrument

This page covers Tilt sensor or Tilt sensing equipment or instrument. The Tilt sensor is used to detect tilt of a surface in tilt sensing equipment. The page mentions Tilt sensor manufacturers or vendors.

The equipment used to determine whether surface is flat and horizontal with reference to earth surface is known as tilt sensing equipment. This type of equipment uses tilt sensor in the design.

The liquid medium is used to detect tilt of surface. This is done by measuring flow of the liquid. The liquid should not be corrosive and should be electrically conductive. Acids and toxic chemicals as well as water are not used. The ideal liquid is mercury due to following characteristics:
• It does not evaporate under normal condition.
• It is good conductor of electricity.
• It is non-corrosive.

Tilt sensor

The figure depicts simple tilt sensing equipment designed using tilt sensors. The simple hardware can be designed which using tilt sensors can sense the tilt in four directions.

When tilt of any surface is need to be determined, tilt sensor unit is placed on the surface. Sticker is placed below the sensor in order to avoid any slippage.

Tilt Sensor manufacturers or vendors

Following are the manufacturers or vendors of Tilt sensors.
• SparkFun Electronics
• TE Connectivity Ltd.
• Fredericks Company

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