Logic Analyzer basics

This page of equipments section of Test and Measurement World covers Logic Analyzer basics. It mentions features of Logic Analyzer from Keysight. The other vendors of logic analyzers are mentioned.

• It is useful to debug and validate activity of multiple buses in automobile system.
• It does analysis of timing between the signals and packet display for critical buses.
• It analyzes memory bus activity.
• It is useful to perform eye scan for digital signal quality analysis.
• It along wth FPGA probe will help to debug FPGA devices.
• Packet decoder portion in logic analyzer will help analyze various automotive network related protocols e.g. CAN, SPI, LIN, FlexRay etc. • Packet generator portion in logic analyzer is used to generate packets or messages on automotive networks with precise control on timings of bits.

Keysight Logic Analyzer

Following table mentions features of Logic Analyzer model 16800 and 16900 from Keysight Technologies. There are 8 different models available with 34/68/102/136/204 channels in 16800 series.

Specifications 16800 Series Logic analyzer 16900 Series Logic analyzer
Timing Zoom 250ps resolution(i.e. 4 GHz) Up to 4 GHz
Timing speed 1GHz 1.2 GHz
State Speed 450 MHz 667 MHz
Memory Depth 32M 256M
Number of channels 204 612

Logic Analyzer Vendors

Following are the other vendors of logic analyzer:
• Tektronix, Models: TLA6400 series, TLA7000 series
• Teledyne Lecroy, Model: LogicStudio 16
• Saleae, Inc.
• Oscium (Model: LogiScope)
• BitScope Designs

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