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This page of T&M World mentions about National Instruments(NI). It covers Test and Measurement Products and Resources from National Instruments(NI).

National Instruments is a global leader in Virtual Instrumentation technology since its inception. National Instruments has R&D center in INDIA and offices across the globe. National Instruments has hardware and software solutions for test and measurement and control market. The popular among them are vector signal generators and vector signal analyzers for WLAN, Zigbee etc.

National Instruments Test and Measurement Products and Equipments

Following table summarizes hardware and software products & equipments from National Instruments.

NI Test and Measurement
Model Description
Digital Multimeter NI PXI-4071 PXI DMM 7(1/2)-Digit PXI DMM with 1000 V Digitizer , measurements resistance in the range from 10 µohm to 5 GOhm
Oscilloscope / Digitizer SimDev PXIe-5162 (4 channel) 1.5 GHz frequency, 5 GS/s sampling rate, 10-Bit resolution, Available in PXI Express chassis with 18 slots, comes with NI-SCOPE soft front panel.
Vector Signal Generator NI PXIe-5673E supports RF frequencies upto 6.6 GHz, RF bandwidth upto 100 MHz, phase noise of about -112dBc/Hz at 10KHz for RF frequency of 1GHz
Vector Signal Analyzer NI PXIe-5663E supports frequencies upto 6.6GHz, 50MHz BW, 80dB SFDR, <-158dBm/Hz noise floor @ 1GHz
Vector Network Analyzer 1.) NI PXIe-5630
2.) NI PXIe-5632
1.) supports frequencies upto 6 GHz
2.) supports frequencies upto 8.5 GHz and IF bandwidth in range 10Hz-500kHz
Software Defined Radio Transceiver NI USRP-292x series supports from 50M to 6GHz range, 20MHz realtime bandwidth, 8x8 MIMO reference
RF Switch 1.) 50 Ohm version 2.) 75 Ohm version 1.) 50 Ohm RF switches support switching bandwidth upto 40GHz, Available in various frequency ranges 350M, 500M, 2.5G, 2.7G, 5G, 6.6G, 26G and 40GHz
2.) 75 Ohm RF switches operate upto 2.5GHz
RF Power Meter 1.) NI USB-5680
2.) NI USB-5681
1.) supports frequencies upto 6GHz and power range between -40dBm to 23 dBm
2.) supports upto 18Ghz and power range from -40 to 20dBm
FPGA based modules NI FlexRIO PXI Express Supports Virtex-5 SXT FPGAs upto 512MB DDR2 DRAM and 132 I/O lines
Test Application Softwares Visit NI Website WLAN, Zigbee test and measurement applications and toolkits are available

National Instruments test and measurement products serve different needs of T&M industry. Please note that only few models are mentioned in the table above. One can visit National Instuments website for their specific needs to select product as per requirements.
Website Link: https://www.ni.com/products/

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