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This page of Test and Measurement World mentions about Azimuth Systems company. It covers Test and Measurement Products and Resources from Azimuth Systems.

Azimuth Systems, Inc. an American company has been founded in the year 2002. Azimuth offers solutions which help in analyzing various cellular and wireless applications. Azimuth also provides solutions in other areas which include wifi, IoT, C2C, M2M, drones, medical sectors.

Azimuth has sales around the world with offices in EMEA, China, INDIA, Korea etc.

Azimuth Systems Test and Measurement Products and Equipments

Following table summarizes products/equipments from Azimuth Systems.

Azimuth Systems Test and Measurement
Model Description
MIMO Channel Emulators Models ACE MX, ACE MX2 These RF channel emulators are useful for 2G, 3G, WiFi, LTE, LTE-Advanced and HetNet
Virtual network environment emulator ACE RNX used for LTE-Advanced technology
RF Enclosures RadioProof Enclosures used for 4x4 MIMO, provides upto 90dB isolation
Static channel simulator STACSIM used to provide 4x4 connections , used in wifi, bluetooth and LTE-U testing
testbed manager, builder and scheduler DIRECTOR II test executive Useful as it configures the test cases graphically which are to be executed. It measures KPIs and creates the report along with graphs. Used to configure the test products and test equipments used in the test setup.

Visit Azimuth Systems website for more test and measurement products,
Website: https://www.azimuthsystems.com/

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