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The Anritsu is a Japan based company specialized in test and measurement market. Anritsu manufacturers test and measurement products. It develops test and measurement software applications to be used with its hardware products.

Anritsu corporation has been founded in the year 1931 with the merger of two companies named Annaka Corporation & Kyoritsu Electric. The typical products developed by Anritsu include Cell master for cellular site testing, signal generators and signal analyzers, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers etc. It develops test and measurement equipments for optical domain also.

Anritsu Test and Measurement Products and Equipments

Following table summarizes products/equipments from Anritsu Corporation.

Anritsu Test and Measurement
Model Description
LTE Base Station Simulator MD8430A used for LTE UE testing
WLAN test solution MT8860C Used for WLAN baseband testing as per 802.11 standard versions 11a,11b,11g,11n etc.
Bluetooth test set MT8852B It is used for bluetooth conformance tests
RF Vector Signal Generator MG3710A It supports vector signal generation as per wlan, wimax, gsm, cdma, lte etc. standards. It is used for testing receiver part of RF and wireless devices.
Waveguide Mixers MA2806A and MA2808A supports upto 75 GHz / 90 Ghz

There are many more products to the need of test and measurement community, visit Anritsu corporation website for more information.
Website: https://www.anritsu.com

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