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Aeroflex Inc. was US company founded in 1937. It has developed test equipments, RF & microwave ICs, components as well as systems which are used in wireless communication networks. The company has been acquired by the Cobham Plc.

Aeroflex's two divisions are integrated with Cobham which include Aeroflex Micro-electronics solutions and Aeroflex test solutions. Cobham has products in wide range of applications which include audio/video/data communications, defense, satellite, aviation etc.

Aeroflex Test and Measurement Products and Equipments

Following table summarizes products/equipments from Aeroflex.

Aeroflex Test and Measurement
Model Description
Broadband Signal Generator and Signal Analyzer CS1247-18AG Supports RF frequency from 2 to 18000 MHz with BW of 70MHz/400MHz
Satellite Payload test system Model : 5200 Supports from 50MHz to 8GHz , supports modulation types e.g. CW, AM, FM, PM etc. , supports 32 max. ports
Avionics test solutions ALT-8000, IFR4000 Flightline test sets
Automated Test System 7700 Supports frequency from 1 MHz to 6 GHz, BW of 90 MHz etc. Supports functionality of many instruments in one package which includes oscilloscope, noise figure meter, power meter, spectrum and network analyzer etc. It is used for semiconductor testing.
TeraVM IP test and measurement solution Used for testing performance of network and applications

Visit Aeroflex website for more test and measurement products,
Website: https://ats.aeroflex.com/

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