Temperature Coefficient of Resistance | Calculator and Formula

This page mentions Temperature Coefficient of Resistance calculator. It mentions formula or equation used in this Temperature Coefficient of Resistance calculator.

• Temperature coefficient of some material refers to change in its physical property with change in temperature.
• For example, if R changes by dR with temperature change by dT,
➤ dR/R = α * dT
Where, α is Temperature coefficient which has dimension equal to 1/degree kelvin or 1/degree celsius

Conductor Resistance Formula or equation

• The generic equation or formula for conductor resistance is shown in equation-1 above.
• Resistance of conductor increases with increase in temperature.
• Resistance of indulator decreases with increase in temperature.

• The material whose resistance increases with increase in temperature is known as PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) material.
• The material whose resistance decreases with increase in temperature is known as NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) material.
• This type of device whose resistance depends on temperature is known as thermistor or thermal resistor. There are two types of thermistors viz. PTC type and NTC type as described above.

Following table mentions temperature coefficient of resistance values for some of the useful materials.

Material type Value of α
Copper 0.0043/oC
Nickel 0.0062/oC
Constantan 0
Aluminium 0.0038/oC
Carbon -0.00048/oC
Eureka 0.00001/oC

Temperature Coefficient of Resistance calculator

Following calculator calculates Temperature Coefficient of Resistance as per equation-2.

Rref (input1) :

Tref (input2) :

R   (input3) :

T    (input4) :

Temperature Coefficient of Resistance, α (Output):

Example of Temperature Coefficient of Resistance calculator:
INPUTS : Rref = 50 Ohm, Tref = 20 oC, R = 91.6 Ohm , T = 232 oC
OUTPUTS: α = 3.92 x 10-3 (oC)-1 or 0.00392 (oC)-1

Temperature Coefficient of Resistance Formula or Equation

Following Temperature Coefficient of Resistance formula is used for calculation in this calculator.

Temperature coefficient of resistance

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