Zigbee Test Solutions Litepoint IQxel-M vs Keysight 33522b

This page of application note section of Test and Measurement World covers zigbee test solutions from litepoint and Keysight. It compares litepoint IQxel-M and keysight 33522b used for zigbee testing.

About Zigbee: It is a wireless Personal Area Networking standard. It is used for low bit rate communication within shorter distance. PHY and MAC is defined in IEEE 802.15.4 and upper layers are defined by zigbee alliance. There are two physical layers as per bands. Following are the features of zigbee:
• Frequency Bands: 868/915MHz, 2450 MHz.
• Data Rates: 20 to 40 Kbps for lower bands, 250 Kbps for higher band of 2.45GHz.
• Modulation types: BPSK, OQPSK
• Distance: 10 meters.

Zigbee test solution Litepoint IQxel-M

• Harware Model: Litepoint IQxel-M
• Supports different frequency bands viz. 860-1000MHz, 1770-2660MHz, 3300-3800, 4900-6000MHz
• Supports output power as per bands, +10 to -95dBm for <=2700MHz and 0 to -95dBm for > 2700 MHz.
• ZigBee device testing as per IEEE 802.15.4
Parallel testing: It tests upto 4 zigbee devices in parallel.

Other than Zigbee, this litepoint test hardware supports various standards such as WLAN, Bluetooth, TD-LTE etc. It supports MIMO configuration of upto 8x8.

The complete zigbee test solution requires test hardware and test software. IQfact+ software does the job of providing transmitter and receiver tests. It provides complete zigbee DUT control with data logging functionalities.

Zigbee test solution Keysight 33522b

Keysight technologies provide solution for zigbee transmitter and receiver testing. Following table lists out waveform generator and Signal Generator used for zigbee receiver testing. It mentions spectrum analyzer/Signal Analyzer used for zigbee transmitter testing.

Model Description
Keysight 33522b Waveform generator
N9310A RF Signal Generator
N9320B/N9322C RF Spectrum Analyzer
N9000A CXA X-series Signal Analyzer

Zigbee hardware is used in combination with zigbee software application which provides user facility to load Zigbee.csv file or user can form the PPDU zigbee packet. Frequency, sampling rate can be set in the corresponding hardwares.

Zigbee measurement application VXA (model: W9064A) is used to demodulate and decode the zigbee transmit packet.

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