Z-wave testing | Z-wave compliance test tool for T & M

This page of application note section of Test and Measurement covers Z-wave testing. It mentions Z-wave compliance test tool used for Z-wave device test and measurement.

About Z-wave technology: Z-wave technology based devices have become popular in Internet of Things due to low data rate and low power applications. The Z-wave protocol has been developed by Sigma Designs, Inc. PHY and MAC layers of z-wave are specified in ITU-T G.9959. Following are the features of Z-wave devices.
• Frequency bands: 868.42 MHz and 908.42 MHz in Europe and US respectively.
• Data rates: 9.6/40/100 Kbps
• Architecture: master, slave modes
• Modulation types: FSK, GFSK
• Distance coverage: 30 meters indoor and 100 meters outdoor

Z-wave compliance test tool

Z-wave alliance along with ControlThink have launched compliance tool to test z-wave devices. Following are the features of z-wave compliance test tool:
• Supports about 30 class of z-wave devices and all applications.
• Test full functionality in large networks.
• Helpful for stress testing and load testing.
• Latest version 2.4.7 Z-Wave Plus tester available.

The Z-wave plus tester provides step by step testing using easy to configure test cases for all types and application roles. It also covers various command classes.

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