LED Laser Test Solution | LED Laser test and measurement

This page of application note section of Test and Measurement World covers LED Laser testing. It also covers LED and Laser test tools or test solutions.

LED is the short form of "Light Emitting Diode" and Laser is the short form of "Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation". LED converts electric signal to light and Laser diode does the reverse. These two components are backbone of optical fibre system used for high bandwidth communication for long distances. LED is used at transmit end of optical fibre while laser diode is used at receive end.

LED Laser Test Solution Providers

As optical fibre has become popular, testing of LED and Laser diode has become essential to achieve high performance fibre system. Following table lists out Popular LED Laser Test Solution Providers.

Company Website LED Laser Test Solution providers
Chroma ATE Inc. www.chromaate.com Test solutions for optical devices including led and laser.
TUV Rheinland www.tuv.com LED lighting tests, EMC tests etc.
Gamma Scientific www.gamma-sci.com Light measurement solutions
Lasermet Ltd www.lasermet.com test & certification of LED and laser products adhere to USA, Europe and international standards.
Laser Product Safety, LLC www.laserproductsafety.com premier laser and led safety testing

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