MHCP vs MSCP vs MHSCP | Difference between MHCP MSCP MHSCP Illumination parameters

This page compares MHCP vs MSCP vs MHSCP and mentions difference between MHCP, MSCP and MHSCP illumination parameters used with lamp or bulb

Introduction: As body is gradually heated above the room temperature, it begins to radiate energy in the surrounding medium in the form of EM waves of various wavelengths. The nature of this radiant energy depends on the temperature of the hot body. Light is part of radiant energy which propagates as wave motion. Let us understand some of the useful terms with respect to illumination.

MHCP | Mean horizontal candle power

• It is known as the mean of candle power in all directions in the horizontal plane containing the source of light.

MSCP | Mean spherical candle power


• Luminous intensity or candle power of a source is different in different directions.
• The average candle power of a source is the average value of its candle power in all the directions.
• It is obtained by flux (in lumen) emitted in all the directions in all planes divided by 4*π
• This average candle power is known MSCP or Mean Spherical Candle Power.

MHSCP | Mean Hemispherical candle power


• It is the mean hemispherical candle power in all directions above or below the horizontal plane passing through the source of light.
• It is given by the total flux emitted in a hemisphere (usually the lower one) divided by the solid angle subtended at the point source by the hemisphere.
• It is expressed above.

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