Voltage doubler Vs Voltage Tripler Vs Voltage Quadrupler | Difference between Voltage doubler, Voltage Tripler, Voltage Quadrupler

This page compares Voltage doubler Vs Voltage Tripler Vs Voltage Quadrupler mentions difference between Voltage doubler, Voltage Tripler and Voltage Quadrupler.

What is Voltage Multiplier?
A circuit whose input is an AC waveform of peak (Vm)and output is DC voltage with value integer multiple of peak AC is known as voltage multipler.

Voltage Doubler

Voltage Doubler

• The figure-1 depicts voltage doubler circuit. Input is AC and output is DC.
• Here Vout = DC voltage of 2*Vm
Where, Vm is peak voltage of AC input.

Voltage Tripler | Voltage Quadrupler

Voltage Tripler,Voltage Quadrupler

• The figure-2 depicts voltage tripler and voltage quadrupler.
• DC voltage of 3*Vm can be achieved across C3 and C1 capacitors.
• DC voltage of 4*Vm can be achieved across C4 and C2 capacitors.

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