Test vs Validation | Difference between Test and Validation

This page compares Test vs Validation and mentions difference between Test and Validation.

What is Test?

• Definition:Test or Testing is the process of executing program with the intent of finding erros. In other words, test refers to incorporating product under development in the test setup and checking its specifications with the help of instruments.
• Test or testing is concerned with errors, faults and failures.
• A test is act of exercising software with various test cases with objective of finding failure or to demonstrate correct working.
• Various types of tests are performed at various stages of a product life cycle to assure product meets user requirements.

What is Validation?

• Validation Definition:The process of evaluating software or hardware during/at the end of development process in order to determine whether product saisfies customer/business requirements. It answers "are we building the right product?". This ensures we are incorporating correct specifications/features in the product to meet user's needs.
• Verification Definition:The process of evaluating work-products of a development phase in order to determine whether they meet specified requirements for the phase. It answers "Are we building the product right?". This ensures we are following correct processes in order to develop the product.
• Validation is dynamic testing type.
• Validation usually follows verification.
• Validation is done by UAT testers/business users with help from QA team.
• Validation involves executing the code.
• Examples: Black box testing, white box testing etc.

Following table mentions difference between test and validation terminologies.

Parameter Test Validation
Functional goal It answers "does the product work as designed?"
It is used to ensure check manufacturing correctness.
It answers "does the design meet the intent?"
It is used to ensure, check design correctness.
Time scale Seconds Weeks/Months
Medium Tester Platform/Tester
Test/Validate Test patterns, DFT Test patterns, software, logic analyzers, Oscilloscopes, DFTs, DFVs etc.
Volume Every manufactured die Small production sample

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