Difference between Mechanical flow meter and Magnetic flow meter | Mechanical flow meter vs Magnetic flow meter

This page compares Mechanical flow meter vs Magnetic flow meter and mentions difference between Mechanical flow meter and Magnetic flow meter.

Both flow meters are used to measure flow of liquid in a pipe, but they function differently.

Mechanical flow meter

Turbine Flowmeter

• These meters use turbine, paddle or wheel for the measurement of velocity. Once velocity is known, volumetric flow can be determined based on cross section area of the pipe from where fluid is moving. The figure-1 depicts popular mechanical flow meter i.e. turbine flow meter.
• Advantages: They are used for all types of liquids. There are no moving or rotationary parts to be replaced or maintained.
• Disadvantages: They are clogged due to accumulation of solids on the turbine blades. This leads to degradation in performance.

Magnetic flow meter

Electromagnetic, EM Flowmeter

• These meters use faraday's law to calculate velocity of moving substance based on change in voltage across the magnetic field (H). Coil assembly is used inside the body of the meter and magnetic field is developed across the pipe section. When conductive fluid flows throuch the pipe, voltage changes across the magnetic field. The figure-2 depicts popular electromagnetic flow meter.
• Advantages: They work effectively for any concentration of waste water and for any other water based liquids.
• Disadvantages: They are not developed for oil, distilled water, hydrocarbons and other non-water based substances.

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