Linearity vs Sensitivity | Difference between Linearity and Sensitivity

This page compares Linearity vs Sensitivity and mentions difference between Linearity and Sensitivity.


sensitivity curve

It is the ratio of the magnitude of output signal to the magnitude of input signal applied to the instrument.
➨Sensitivity = Output/Input
➨An instrument requires high degree of sensitivity.
➨Sensitivity ∝ 1/Deflection Factor

As shown in the curve, it is the ratio of infinitesimal change in the output to infinitesimal change in the input.
➨ Sensitivity = Δqo/Δqi


linearity curve

• It is defined as ability to reproduce the input characteristics symmetrically and linearly. The linearity curve shows actual calibration curve and idealized straight line.
• The output is linearly proportional to the input.
• For a linear instrument the sensitivity is constant for the entire range of the instrument.

➨Linearity is more important parameter compare to all other parameters including sensitivity.

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