Difference between AbV,AbA,AbOhm | AbV,AbA,AbOhm Units

This page of RF Wireless World site compares AbV (AbVolt) vs AbA (Abampere) vs AbOhm units and mentions difference between AbV (AbVolt), AbA (Abampere) and AbOhm units.

As we know there are two unit systems SI and CGS. SI is International System of Units and CGS is Centimeter, Gram and Second. Let us understand AbV, AbA and AbOhm units.

AbV or AbVolt Unit

As mentioned the full form of AbV is AbVolt. It is used as unit for EMF i.e. Electromotive Force.

It is known as potential difference in CGS EM system. 1 abV can drive 1abA current through 1 abΩ resistance.

Ohms law of SI system can also be applied to CGS system. It can be stated as follows.
Where, E is EMF in abvolts,
I is current in abA and
R is resistance in abΩ

AbA or Abampere Unit

The full form of AbA is Abampere. It is unit of current in CGS system of EM units.

As we know I =dQ/dT;
The AbA is equal to 1 abcoulomb charge passing from some specific point in 1 second.

As we know mA and µA are smaller units of current in Ampere. Similarly abAmpere is large unit of Ampere.
1 mA = 10-3
1 µA = 10-6
1 abA = 10 Ampere

abΩ Or AbOhm Unit

As mentioned AbOhm is unit of EM resistance in CGS system. Unlike AbA, it is smaller unit of resistance.
1 abΩ = 10-9

When current of value 1 abA passes through 1 abΩ resistance, there exists 1 abV potential difference across component under test.

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