Advantages of Spring Control | disadvantages of Spring Control

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Spring Control. It mentions Spring Control advantages or benefits and Spring Control disadvantages or drawbacks.

What is Spring Control?

• Two springs of phosphor bronze are attached with the moving system.
• The springs are wound in opposite direction to compensate for change of temperature.
• One end of each spring is fixed at some point in the instrument while the other end is attached to the spindle.
• They provide necessary controlling torque and provide electrical connection to operate the coil.
• Under the action of delecting torque, the pointer moves and one of the springs unwounds while the other gets twisted.
• The twist provides controlling torque. In spring controlled system, controlling torque (Tc) is directly proportional to angle of twist (θ).
• The pointer will come to rest when deflecting torque is equal to controlling torque.

Spring Control

• Spring materials should be non-magnetic. It should have low temperature coefficients. It should have low specific resistance.

Benefits or advantages of Spring Control

Following are the benefits or advantages of Spring Control:
➨It is suitable for portable instruments, because it can work in any position of the instrument.
➨There is no increase in weight of the moving system.
➨These instrument types have uniform scale.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Spring Control

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of Spring Control:
➨Controlling torque can not be adjusted unless the springs are changed.
➨Change in temperature changes lengths of spring and hence the controlling torque.
➨Accidental stresses in spring may damage them.
➨The stiffness of the spring is function of temperature. Hence readings given by instruments are temperature dependent.
➨The usage of the spring develops inelastic yield which affects the zero position of the moving system.

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