Advantages of Digital Flow Meter | disadvantages of Digital Flow Meter

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Digital Flow Meter. It mentions Digital Flow Meter advantages or benefits and Digital Flow Meter disadvantages or drawbacks.

What is Digital Flow Meter?

• The flow meter which has digital display and measurement methods is known as digital flow meter.
• It reads or captures flow data and translates the same into easy to read quantities.

Digital Flow Meters

• The output is indicated using digital display unlike mechanical flow meter which uses non-electric way (e.g. needle) to indicate the reading.
• The figure-1 depicts digital flow meters from OMEGA and ASTER.

Benefits or advantages of Digital Flow Meter

Following are the benefits or advantages of Digital Flow Meter:
➨It is more reliable compare to traditional mechanical flow meters such as rotameter.
➨It is easier to read due to availability of numerical display.
➨It is more accurate.
➨It relies less on pressure/temperature of fluid due to use of external power.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Digital Flow Meter

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of Digital Flow Meter:
➨It uses external power and hence will have increase in power consumption and consecutively electric bill will increase.
➨Digital Flow Meters are expensive compare to mechanical flow meter types.
➨They are required to be plugged in before they can be used.

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