Advantages of Clamp Meter | disadvantages of Clamp Meter

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Clamp Meter. It mentions Clamp Meter advantages or benefits and Clamp Meter disadvantages or drawbacks.

The clamp meter as the name suggests uses clamp or jaw for the measurement. It is placed around the wire where the measurements are to be conducted. It is used for measurement of ac/dc voltage, ac/dc current, resistance, frequency, capacitance etc. It is very handy tool where it is not convenient to break or disconnect the circuit.

Clamp Meter

Clamp meter is similar to Digital Multimeter with advanced features. The figure-1 depicts clamp meter with detachable display part for easy user handling. It houses low pass filter and uses advanced signal processing software.

Benefits or advantages of Clamp Meter

Following are the benefits or advantages of Clamp Meter:
➨It can be used in noisy electrical environments.
➨It filters out noise and provides accurate and stable measurements such as motor starting current.
➨It has ergonomic design which fits in the hand while wearing protective equipment.
➨As mentioned it can be used in process and automation environment where it is not feasible to break the loop.
➨It can measure low level DC current.
➨It can be used for measurements in tight locations with clear presentation.
➨It is used for wide range of measurements.
➨Due to fast measurements it saves both time and money.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Clamp Meter

Following are the disadvantages of Clamp Meter:
➨A clamp meter is current measuring tool with some voltage measuring abilities.
➨It measures to nearest 10th or 100th of a unit rather than in milliunits measured using DMM (Digital Multimeter). Milliunits refer to millivolts, milliamps and milliohms.

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