Thermal Camera basics | Thermal Camera Vendors

This page describes Thermal Camera basics. It mentions general specifications of Thermal Camera. It also mentions Thermal Camera vendors or manufacturers.

The thermal camera will help to find unseen hot and cold spots in the electrical cabinets or in switch boxes. It is mainly used for electrical inspection at indoor places. It provides quality image details which includes small connectors as well as wires.

The spot thermal camera from FLIR will bridge the gap between infrared thermometers and thermal cameras. They are equipped with micro-thermal sensors.

Thermal Camera

FLIR Spot Thermal Camera Specifications

Following are the specifications of Spot Thermal Camera from FLIR with model no. TG167:
• Supports IR resolution of 80x60 pixels
• It has thermal sensitivity of less than 150 mK
• It has minimum focus distance of 0.1 m or 4 inch.
• Image frequency is 9 Hz.
• Supports 8 to 14 µm spectral range
• It can be rechargeable with built in Li-Ion battery of 3.7 volt.
• Supports 24:1 distance to spot size ratio for safe distance measurement
• It can save images and data as well as download using USB connection.

Thermal Camera Manufacturers or Vendors

Following are the Manufacturers or vendors of Thermal Camera:
• Seek Thermal, Inc.
• Fluke Corporation
• FLIR® Systems, Inc
• Axis Communication
• Testo India Pvt. Ltd.
• OMEGA Engineering, INC.

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