Electrical Equipments | Electrical Test Equipments

This page covers Electrical equipments for test and measurement. The common Electrical equipments include electric power analyzer, clamp meter, multimeter, hipot tester, Q meter etc.

We live in an environment utilizing electrical appliances, installations and devices. It is miserable to have life without electricity now-a-days. Moreover most of the calamities and disasters happen due to poor electric circuits and installations. The most common issues or problems are short circuit, open circuit, overloading, etc.

In order to address test and measurement requirements for electric circuits, installations and devices, various electrical equipments are required. They are used to test generators, high voltage motors, UPS, inverters, switchgear, power transformers, fuses, relays, earthing, harmonic voltage/current etc.

Electrical test equipments should meet functional, performance and mechanical requirements. They should withstand against normal, overload, short circuit conditions. They should start immediately and shut down as and when needed.

Electrical Equipments

Electrical equipments

Following are the functions of common electrical equipments used for test and measurement.

• Power Analyzer: It comes with display panel. It is used to measure single phase and three phase installations. It measures various parameters such as current, voltage, frequency, power etc.

• Digital Power Meter: It is used to measure DC power and AC power. It is basically a watt meter with numeric dislay for ease of measurement.

• Clamp meter: It is used to measure voltage/current by clamping its jaws around the conductor or cable. They are two types analog and digital. It also comes with display panel. It does not require circuit to be broken for current measurement unlike traditional multimeter.

• Hipot tester: Hipot is the short form of High Potential. It is used for testing electrical insulation. It performs discontinuity test.It checks no current flow condition between two points. Hipot tests are used to find crushed or leakage in the insulation.

• Multimeter:The megger is used to measure insulation resistance. It is a portable instrument.

• Multimeter: It is used to test current, voltage and resistance in both AC/DC circuits. It can help in continuity testing also. It is combination of Ammeter, Ohmmeter and Voltmeter.

The other electrical equipments are Ampere-hour meter, Power factor meter, Ground detector, Synchroscope, three phase watt meter etc.

Electrical Test Equipments

Following are the popular electrical test equipments used for testing various electrical devices, electric installations, power lines, smart meters etc. The common measurements performed using these equipments include AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, Electric power, electric energy, insulation resistance etc. as explained above.

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