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This page of Test and Measurement World covers test and measurement calculators. It covers calculators for measurements and test parameters used in various domains viz. RF, wireless, fiber optics, networking, electrical, electronics etc.

Temperature Coefficient of Resistance: This page mentions Temperature Coefficient of Resistance calculator.It mentions formula or equation used in this Temperature Coefficient of Resistance calculator.
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Wire Resistivity Calculator: This page covers Wire Resistivity Calculator and Resistivity Formula. This resistivity calculator takes wire resistance,wire length and wire cross sectional area as inputs and calculates resistivity as output.
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Humidity Ratio Calculator: This page covers Humidity Ratio Calculator and Humidity Ratio Formula. The calculator covers humidity ratio calculation by mass and by vapor partial pressure formula or equations.
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RAD to Gray conversion: This page covers RAD to Gray conversion calculator and Gray to RAD conversion calculator. It mentions formula or equations for RAD to Gray conversion and vice versa.
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