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What is MIPI Interface | Difference between MIPI CSI Vs MIPI DSI

This page mentions MIPI interface basics. It compares MIPI CSI Vs MIPI DSI interfaces and mentions difference between MIPI CSI and MIPI DSI.

• MIPI is the short form of Mobile Industry Processor Interface.
• It is managed by MIPI Alliance which is a collaboration of mobile industry leaders which include Intel, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, TI, ST etc.
• The objective of MIPI Alliance is to promote open standards for interfaces to mobile application processors. This will help in having new services to mobile users at faster rate.

MIPI interfaces

Figure-1 depicts pupular MIPI interfaces between baseband and RFIC (2G/3G/4G), between application processor and image sensor IC, between application processor and display IC.

MIPI CSI Interface

MIPI CSI-2 Interface

CSI stands for Camera Serial Interface. It specifies high speed serial interface between a host processor and camera module. Figure-2 depicts MIPI CSI-2 Interface.

Following are the features of MIPI CSI-2 Interface.
• It is high performance serial interface between image sensor and application processor.
• It uses D-PHY physical layer with upto 4 data lines which provides data throughput of about 4Gbps.
• D-PHY uses one common differential clock lines.
• Separate I2C compliant interface used for camera control functions as shown.
• MIPI CSI-2 interface supports packetized transmission which helps in line management, error detection and error correction.

MIPI CSI interface offers following benefits.
• Scalability• Lower power• improved reliability• lower system cost

MIPI DSI Interface

MIPI DSI Interface

DSI stands for Display Serial Interface.

It is High speed and high performance serial interface.
The DSI interface offers efficient, low power and low pin count connectivity between application processor and display module (or display bridge IC).

It uses MIPI D-PHY as physical layer. Following are the features of MIPI D-PHY.
• It uses 4 data lines with 1 common differential line
• Throughput upto 1Gbps can be achieved.
• Both pixel and data commands are serialized into single physical stream between processor and display IC. The status is conveyed from display IC to application processor.

Other MIPI Interfaces

Above mentioned MIPI interfaces such as CSI-2 and DSI are widely adopted by mobile SoC manufacturers and designers. The other MIPI interfaces are MIPI DigRF V3 and MIPI DigRF V4.

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